The Full Service

We are proud to offer a truly 'Full' Service, designed to ensure that your vehicle remains in the pinnacle of health. Below are a sample of just some of the checks carried out in the MDM Auto Clinic Full Service.

We Change:- Oil & Filter

We Check (and rectify if necessary):- Air Filter, Spark Plugs, Coolant, Washer Fluid, Gearbox Oil, Brake Pads & Shoes, CV Gaiter, Handbrake Tension, Wipers (f&b), Light Bulbs, Dashboard Bulbs, Tyre Pressure.

We Check & Advise:- EMS, Suspension Mounts, Engine Mounts, Exhaust Manifold & Downpipe, Wheel Bearings, Steering System, Brake Hoses & Calipers, Wheel Cylinders, Tyres, Chassis, Exhaust System, CV Joints, Handbrake Cable, Light Fixings, Windscreen.

Also Included:- Crypton Engine Tuning, Windows cleaned inside & out.

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