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The Guys from MDM Auto Clinic - Mrs Evelyn P.


I am a car that doesn't go,
I think my battery is quite low.

I'm sure my bottom's got some rust,
And I think my radiator's bust.

Oh dear! Oh dear! I'm very sad.
I've lost the "Go" I always had.

I sit in my garage covered in muck,
I seem to be quite out of luck.

But Hark! What's that? I'm not a cynic,
It's the Guys from MDM Auto Clinic.

I knew they'd come and put me right,
And make my inside & out shining bright.

They're so clever, straight and true,
There is nothing they couldn't do.

So, if you're feeling sad and LOW,
Ring Nine, Nine, Four, Four, Six, Three, "0"

(Our phone number used to be 994 4630!)